Supporting change

With more than 25 years' experience in the Facility Management profession, the MetaFM consultancy firm supports you from the beginning to the end of a project, from strategic audit to implementation.

Our Management is involved in each mission and is surrounded by a team of multi-disciplinary experts who will offer innovative personalised solutions.


Support for social engineering

  • Support for social engineering
  • Collective and individual interviews
  • Employee representative committee presentation
  • Employee representative body negotiations & agreement protocol
  • Recruitment

Employee skills summary

  • Individual staff interviews
  • Analysis of managerial skills & professions
  • Analysis of behavioural aptitudes
  • Individual analysis of the 5 motivation areas
  • Consolidation of individual vs collective data & recommendations

Improvement of staff skills

  • Définition des besoins en formation
  • Formation théorique
  • Formation terrain / coaching

Modelling plan and coordination of the implementation project

  • Planning phase
  • Mobilisation phase
  • Transition/deployment phase
  • Stabilisation phase
  • Consolidation & optimisation phase

Management of commissioning

  • Definition of internal communication plan
  • Introduction of operational and administrative procedures
  • Configuration of coordination tools
  • Definition of operational plans
  • Budget preparation
  • Preparation for deployment
  • Condition schedule and “handover” report
  • Monitoring and reporting

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