MetaFM in the health sector

Our expertise is born from many missions carried out in England and France in the exacting health sector. Our team has participated in the development and management of Facility Management contracts in the hospitality sector, notably in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), as well as in driving projects on the optimisation of exploitation services in the specialised retirement home sector.

Doctor using digital tablet in hospital

Our experience, at a European level, allows us to study innovative high-performance strategies that have been proven in other health establishments together.

With management and commercial skills in this specific sector, the MetaFM consultancy firm helps you to understand, analyse and evaluate your current organisation, compare possible outcomes, and align them with the current regulatory requirements.

MetaFM supports the planning and implementation of your expansion projects, by meeting the HAS certification manual requirements. The MetaFM team ensures a careful analysis of the situation and will propose optimisation options with diplomacy. Our approach takes the sensitivity and specific characteristics of your sector of activity into account.

Home nurse making patients bed

We understand that Facility Management within health establishments requires specialised providers that will support you. The choice of whether to externalise support services to medical professionals remains a tough decision when we take into consideration the patient experience, his safety and his experience of the environment. The health establishment must be in symbiosis, the only guiding thread being “Supporting” the patient and his family during a strange and often painful ordeal. All professions must reconcile themselves to this ultimate goal ; MetaFM supports you as you consider the possibilities of externalising and the choice of your contractors.​

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