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From beginning to end, success is built with the Customer

" The world of services is evolving and we are still at the dawn of the digital age and the age of artificial intelligence. These new, constantly expanding, technologies are at the heart of FM optimisation services.  Offers are becoming more complex and 'FMers' form strategic partnerships with software and other technical innovation developers.

​In a captive market, where the big groups continue their external expansion, the purchaser sees his choice of service providers diminishing ; we must re-balance relationships and give the necessary tools to purchasers to that ensure good choices are made and fair long-term collaboration with service providers ensues.

The success of FM optimised services remains an informed mix of listening and adaptation to the specific needs of the building and its users, and technical and service solutions offered by the Facility Management market. MetaFM advises you transparently and supports you in the unique optimisation of your Facility Management.

Our approach is independent : no conflict of interests. We bring you an overall view of market offers and analyse this data so that you can make informed decisions.

Our approach is objective and made to measure : our analysis always starts with a blank sheet of paper, and no preconceived ideas about your requirements or service solutions.
At MetaFM we believe in the uniqueness of the challenges encountered by each business and this is why our missions always start with a precise evaluation of the current situation and framing of the desired changes. It is important to MetaFM to learn and understand before making recommendations: our strategies, our design services and our support are tailored exclusively to you.​
Our approach is pragmatic : our team of experts is composed of operational staff from within the Facility Management profession. Our recommendations are, de facto, operational.

We created MetaFM to contribute to the Facility Management value chain. By proposing this new independent consultancy link, we are providing purchasers with a clear appraisal of their FM use and decryption of market solutions to guarantee Facility Management that is a perfect match for the real needs and image of the client company. "


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