Delegated coordination of FM services

Do you need a Working Environment Director
(WED/General Services)?

MetaFM offers delegation management of your existing and future service contracts.

We offer an optimised service coordination solution for buildings and their occupants, with management costs linked to the real needs of your business.

From 1 day per month to 5 days a week, the time we dedicate to coordinating your services can be adapted to the complexity of your exploitation and the bundle of Facility Management contracts you entrust us with.

Do you need to make up for a lack of internal resources?

You need to manage large-scale projects and have less time for managing Facility Management services on a daily basis: MetaFM can support you during this transitory period.

Do you need to replace a key member of staff within
your organisation?

MetaFM proposes interim management of your operations or temporary reinforcement of your staff to guarantee continuity of service.

Whether you are an Executive Committee or a Working Environment Director, our “à la carte” offer is there to support you during the evolution of your business, by proposing an adaptive, transparent and efficient offer for the management of your FM services.


  • A refocusing on your core profession
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • A large array of available skills
  • Controlled and optimised coordination costs
  • Improved control of HR risks
  • Impartial service coordination
  • Controlled risk management
  • A single point of contact

A la carte coordination of FM services

  • Definition of coordination needs
  • Introduction of tools (Dashboard, SLAs, KPIs, PMS, etc.)
  • Control and measurement of services
  • Elaboration and monitoring of action plans
  • Contract management: history, negotiation and evolution
  • Elaboration of an optimisation plan
  • Overall reporting to the Customer or Working Environment Directory
  • Contract negotiation

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