What is FM Consulting ?

The foundation of our optimisation approach

What is the "Meta" FM consulting ?

poignée de mains

A step towards controlled optimisation

  • The choice of Faclity Management professionals to bring to the customers users, the fruit of their multidimensional experiences.
  • An objective analysis of the management of operations and service solutions, in a spirit of transparency and sustainable control, for more performance.

A step towards performance

This approach goes beyond simple FM cost reduction. We are working towards overall performance, impacting on :

  • The coordination of services to occupants and to buildings
  • The level of services and the perceived quality
  • The productivity of users
  • The environmental performance of buildings by activating the FM action levers for each target on the 3 axes of the NF HQE™ Bâtiment Tertiaires en exploitation (tertiary buildings in use) certification

Between 7 and 20% savings on the cost of use and the provision of services to occupants, depending on the organisation already in place.


In what context ?

  • Strategic thinking on your FM operations
  • An audit and benchmarking of FM contracts
  • Optimisation of your services to buildings and occupants
  • An externalisation of services project (Sourcing)
  • An internalisation of services project
  • An optimisation of environmental and energy performance project
  • Support for change management
  • Support for your “Smart Building” project
  • Delegated management of multi-service and multi-technical contracts
  • The elaboration of coordination and reporting tools
  • The drafting and coordination of a turnaround plan
  • A restructuring, relocation and external growth project
  • Support and temporary reinforcement of your teams within a large-scale project
  • Consideration of your space and work methods: levels of occupation and use, ergonomics, processes, etc.
  • The optimisation of your catering services (Corporate, Health and Education sectors)
  • A bringing into conformity of your sites
  • A transition management requirement

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