Optimisation project

With more than 25 years' experience in the Facility Management profession, the MetaFM consultancy firm supports you from the beginning to the end of a project, from strategic audit to implementation.

Our Management is involved in each mission and is surrounded by a team of multi-disciplinary experts who will offer innovative personalised solutions.


Exploitation optimisation

  • Re-engineering of the exploitation structure
    • Analysis of what is already in place
    • Conceptualisation of services
    • Benchmarking & financial modelling
  • Internalisation of services project/creation of a DET (Working Environment Director)
    • Analysis of what is already in place
    • Definition of exploitation resources
    • Support for recruitment
    • Improvement of staff skills
    • Introduction of coordination tools
    • Commissioning support
  • Introduction of exploitation support tools
    • SMQHSE
    • Definition of service levels (SLA)
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Bonus/penalty system
    • Reporting
    • Dashboard

Bulding optimisation

  • Workspace
    Intelligent space; from the well-being of occupants to company performance.
    A working environment that reflects the company’s DNA and takes environmental and energy performance, comfort, lighting, functionality and transversality into account.

    Our solutions are an informed mixture of the latest trends, the building’s intrinsic characteristics, your requirements and your identity:

    Do you like roaming?
    Do you prefer modular offices?
    Do you want to optimise your use of floor space?
    Do you want to give collaborative working a boost with greater use of technology?

    MetaFM and its partners will support you with your working environment optimisation projects

  • "Smart Building" solutions
    • "Retrofit" feasibility study
    • Development of the interoperability of systems
    • Optimisation of the use of fluids and energy
    • Intelligent management of the use of space and associated services

Optimisation of environmental and energy performance

  • Eco-responsibility strategy
  • Carbon balance
  • Greenhouse gas balance
  • Carbon footprint
  • Increasing awareness

Optimisation of rental costs

  • Rent analysis
    • Identification of irregularities in the clauses provided in the rent
    • Analysis of clauses with regard to current regulations
    • Control of the repartition of applied bonuses
  • Analysis of rental costs
    • Comparison of accounting data with that of the lessor or administrator
    • Analysis of invoicing discrepancies and errors
    • Verification of out of contract services
  • Cost modelling of the property post
    • Calculation of rents and theoretical costs
    • Calculation of tax and associated fees invoicing
  • Audit and negotiations report
    • Presentation of the study & recommendations
    • Validation of the strategy
    • Negotiation of reimbursement protocol

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